Should You Partner with an English to Braille Company, or Invest in Translation Software?

As is the case with most translation needs, the same temptation always hits organizations: should I partner with an English to Braille company, or make the translations internally using software and the right tools?

Performing English to Braille internally is extremely complicated and requires investing in expensive equipment and hiring a team of people to not only run and service the machinery, but translate, proofread and bind the final product. But when it comes to making a choice between investing in translation software or partner with a multilingual translation agency, which option makes the most sense from a cost-saving and efficiency play?

What is Translation Software?

Translation and localization software goes above and beyond translating a user interface. Companies also use said systems to deal with cultural and regional walls for their applications so they can expand their audience reach. Software localization works around embracing a software solution to the cultural, linguistic and technical pain points to reach a market.

When localization is deadly accurate the software program looks as if it had been originally designed and created for a target market, even those that are incredibly niche. Basically, localization and translation software translate written material and functional factors within various software solutions to be used by a specific market, in a target language.

Time is Money

It goes without saying that the more time spent on a project equates to wasted manpower and resources. Even when you are using English to Braille software you will need an internal team to manage the platforms and complete tasks while troubleshooting problems and creating solutions along the way. This is one of many reasons why organizations partner with multilingual translation agencies. Their internal teams are certified to expertly translate any document type using specialized software that enables efficiency, total accuracy, and more importantly, your team isn’t tied up in timely tasks.

Perfect Translations Requires Certified English to Braille Experts

If you plan on utilizing English to Braille software with an internal team, you will need to hire certified Braille translation specialists to ensure a clean translation. Often, this requires organizations to hire new roles just to ensure quality. And with this comes the time and money to recruit that role and hire for it. This is another reason why growing companies partner with translation agencies. When you partner with certified translation experts, you already have access to specialist teams capable of performing top quality translation projects.

What to Look for in English to Braille Agencies

Make sure your English to Braille translation agency has a large portfolio with projects spanning multiple industries. You should also have a single point of contact to keep communication simple and hassle-free. Team members should be certified, and the agency should utilize the latest technology and resources in English to Braille translation.