How to Choose Custom Finishes for Rigid Boxes

If your brand sells luxury items, you likely use rigid boxes to help promote and compliment the high-end features of your goods. Rigid boxes are ideal options for showcasing product quality, and they come in a number of shapes and functions. Whether you are using one or two-piece rigid boxes, book style, hinged, or round shape, a rigid gift box is truly never completed until it has the appropriate finish. This article is intended to help brand managers learn about the creative solutions revolving around rigid box finishes, and how to choose the right one to compliment your products and increase sales.

Work with a Custom Rigid Box Company

It goes without saying that such rigid boxes will be highly customized in order to reflect the uniqueness of your products. This is why the most important thing you can do before choosing the right finish is to select a product packaging company specializing in custom rigid boxes for high-end retail goods. Such companies have the marketing chops to take on considerations that testify to your target buyer’s needs, and project the promise of product delivery through the packaging and unboxing experience.

Product Details and Rigid Box Finishes

One proven way to increase sales by delighting buyers is to take elements of a product and extend them to the rigid box through a custom finish. For example, if you sell men’s watches that are known for high-quality leather bands, a great finish for your rigid box could have a metallic foil with a small strip of leather running across the box. The rigid box finish creates a masculine look that will resonate with buyers while hinting to the product quality within. Studies show that memorable boxing experiences lead to increases in sales, so be sure to speak to your product packaging company about using rigid boxes that capitalize on this motivator for growth.

Make sure Rigid Boxes have Finishes that Target Buyers

When choosing a finish for your rigid boxes, it is important to pick something that instantly connects with your target buyers. Keep in mind that most people spend less than three seconds judging a product by its look or presentation. If your rigid box design fails to intrigue people in those vital seconds, you run the chance of losing their business to a competitor.

A great way to make sure your packaging is targeting the right audiences is to create detailed buyer personas. These are semi-fictional representations of actual buyers that help marketers better target messaging and packaging solutions. The best way to create buyer personas is to consult with your sales team, send out surveys and questionnaires, and study your analytics and data. Once you have a realistic understanding of who your customers are that;s based on facts and not assumptions, you can begin to unravel the type of boxing and messaging that will resonate with their needs, and create something that flies off the shelfs.