The most successful types of businesses on the border

Between Mexico and the United States there is 3,200 km of border and in a large part of its various businesses are being enabled and having a great success, which trade in products or services for people who daily transit through the place, because many Mexicans cross the border daily to carry out different jobs and are, of course, they are the ones who’s these types of business are based on.

Bicycle rental

Although it doesn’t seem like one of the most successful businesses on the border is bike rental because due to the dense traffic, it is easier to walk by car and if you go to the nearby villages, a bike will be a suitable transportation to get to your destination quickly.

Of course, the costs are much cheaper, and you can rent it for hours, all day, and even for several days if you need it, leaving a deposit, and of course paying the cost in advance.


Car insurance

Some travelers don’t know it, but if you take your car to Mexico, they won’t accept crossing the border, without Mexican car insuranceso having a business that provides this service in authorized places will always be a good idea. You cannot imagine how many people need to update their insurance, and prefer to do it right there while they line up to enter the country, so they can immediately update the documents they require, allowing extensive coverage on date and according to the authorities’ requirements.  

Dental services

Due to their low cost and excellent quality, dental services in Mexico are becoming increasingly preponderance among the most requested, so having a clinic near the border will always make it easier for more customers to go.

dentist in Tijuana will do the same work as one in the United States, but at a cost of 40% less, in most treatments, so obviously many people cross the border daily just for getting these kinds of services.


Due to the large number of fresh fruits and vegetables produced in Mexico, a supermarket or grocery store on the border will always give a good result. The secret is to offer customers a good amount and diversity of food at great prices. Keep in mind that you should try to include toiletries in such a way that a person can make a full market in your store, you’ll notice the results immediately!

In addition to the aforementioned ones, craft businesses, bars and restaurants are also highly sought after in the sector, so if you want to found one of them it can be a good option.

Whatever business you want to have at the border, always find out what regulation the government demands, so everything will go according to the law and you will have absolutely no difficulty, being able to carry out your work in peace of mind.