The most successful businesses in Mexico

Mexico is a country that has always been characterized by its strength and by having created businesses that have made its products known throughout the world.

Now there are two burgeoning businesses that are taking a big rebound in the economy: dental implants and retirement homes. Would you like to know why?


The business of dental implants is growing remarkably in Mexico.

One of the things that improves physical aesthetics is having a beautiful smile. Dental bridges until years ago were the best option to fix a missing tooth, but, to tell the truth, they are impractical, they can mistreat the gums when chewing, and, in addition, over time they can create more problems, such as gingivitis .

On the other hand, dental implants look much more natural, since each tooth is placed individually, through a screw, generally made of titanium, which allows it to easily adapt to the bone, without the body rejecting it.

The dental implants Tijuana along with the braces that an orthodontist in Tijuana can apply are very famous, because they have excellent quality, little invasive techniques and ease of flossing between each of the pieces, which avoids all the problems of gingivitis, and also a very quick recovery.

Dental implants are currently one of the most successful businesses in Mexico, and will surely continue to grow in the coming years.

 Retirement homes, one of the most profitable businesses. They are an excellent business idea, as many Americans want to spend the last days of their lives in a beautiful and peaceful place.

The main purpose of a retirement home is to provide protection, security and care to people of  60 years of age or older. The service must include accommodation, adequate food, recreational, cultural and social activities, as well as adequate medical care.

The maintenance of an elderly adult that requires a nurse can be a heavy expense for families, compared to the monthly fee in a specialized place such as a retirement home, so it is an excellent option, which of course must be discussed and accepted by the elderly.

In Latin America there is no type of culture in which older adults go to retirement homes, since it is preferable that they stay together with their family, however in Europe this is a deeply rooted concept, as it is not seen as the separation from the family, but as the opportunity for older adults to interact with people of the same age, interests, with activities that they can carry out. Even many of them who have spent years alone in retirement homes find a partner to enjoy their last years of life.

Retirement homes in Mexico, are currently classified in houses by day, night houses, homes and villas, latter two which function as boarding. All must have high standards in food and cleanliness. Now they are a big business in Mexico, and are ideal for people who seek to spend their last days of life with excellent care.